Happy Dance Yoga


Balanced Body Pilates Mat 1+2
STOTT Pilates Mat
STOTT Pilates Core Barre

Pre-Natal Pilates
Scoliosis Programming (STOTT)
Osteoporosis Programming (STOTT)

RYT 200hr Vinyasa/Hot yoga (Yax Yoga Concepts)
RYT 500hr Vinyasa (Yoga Tree SF)
CPR/AED (International CPR Institute)
Total Barre STOTT

   I believe in bringing joy to the everyday. I believe                                                                                                     
   yoga is a beautiful experience to be shared. It is my                                                                                                          
   great pleasure to provide this joy and experience to                                                                                                          
students. The beauty of yoga is how dynamic it
   can be. It always fluid, always changing. Different
   sequences or even different moods can completely
   alter one's experience.

   My goal is to give this experience. I am your guide.
   I am your motivator and your friend. I want to give
   you time to bring you back to yourself and really
   reconnect with your own body in a way that will
   stay with you and guide you in your life.

"Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life" -B.K.S. Iyangar

   I graduated from the University of Hawai'i
   at Manoa. I have over 800 hours of experience
   in teaching Pilates and Vinyasa Yoga as well as
   a variety of other certifications listed below. I
   found yoga in 2010 after moving from Hawai'i to
   North Carolina and quickly fell in love. I did
   my 200 hour training with Yax Yoga Concepts out
   of Virgina Beach, VA with certification in vinyasa
   as well as hot yoga sequencing.

   I cater my classes to a mixed level so all can
   join. Privates are catered to the individual and any
   advanced classes require prior yoga experience or
   previous work with me. All classes are more of a
   power flow increasing strength, balance, and
   flexibility. To build a better life, you must start in
   the core.


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